Architectural Reflections Seminar
> TU DELF (NL) sous la direction de Karina Moraes Zarzar, Phd
> Janvier 2005
> Julie Heyde
> Illustration Paul Rand

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I take a particular attention in the notion of dwelling in our contemporary society. By reading the book “Architecture and modernity a critique” by Hilde Heynen, I make a step ahead in my reflexion about the dwelling. Moreover, I have discovered a new notion that is the “ Homelessness”. This theme interests me and I would try to think about this subject. Why the most of the people quotes in the book are thinking that “ modern life no longer has anything to do with the dwelling” Cacciari ? (p.17 “architecture and modernity” by Hilde Heynen)
My goal is to understand what kind of influence has the modernity on the dwelling. Could we really talk of homelessness ? First, I want to figure out the emergence of the
term “homelessness“ in the same time than modernity. According to the Heidegger, Loos, Benjamin and Venice school’s thought I would try to establish the different sights of the society witch leads to the notion of „homelessness“. Then I want to
come close to the term „homeless“ which seems to be pregnant in the modern society. Reading the book of Peter Berger, Brigitte Berger and Hansfried Kellner, „the homeless mind, modernization and consciousness“ (New York, Virtage books,
1974) should help me in this research.
Finally, the most important question I want to answer is how to dwell today and what are the needs of the modern‘s peoples ? We cannot deny the fact that the architects play a very important role in the debate „live in the modern world“.
So, as an architect, I want to believe that it is always possible to make a place to live witch is a mark for the modern peoples. Nevertheless, the modernization has shown a
new way of living and we have to deal with. But we have to keep in mind the naturals needs of the humanity.