024_Generative City Codes

Projet de recherche

> Dr Mahnaz Shah, Cardiff Métropolitain Université, United Kingdom
> Dr Karina Moraes Zarzar, dipl. Arch.,MTD, PhD, Zarzar ArchLab, The Nederlands
> ir. Joëll Thepen, architect, AECO STUDIO, The Nederlands
> Julie Heyde, architect, CRISS CROSSING, France
> Lauren Havel, architect, CRISS CROSSING, France

Télécharger 16h Generative Art Conference GA2013

The main intention is that the study undertaken will produce knowledge and means that will assist the planner in implementing health considerations in the preliminary urban design configuration.
This project is envisioned to generate urban codes that approach horizontal urban growth as an important step in determining future design solutions for mixed-used urban configurations, along with the added merit of contributing positively to healthy community building. (again indicative and not confirmed) There is now a growing consensus (US Department of Health and Human Services 1996, Diez Roux 2003, Savitch 2003, Coburn 2004, Schilling 2005, Barton 2009, 2010) that while personal factors are critical in determining health, the urban environment exacerbates or mitigates health and well-being outcomes. The level of active travel (walking and cycling) and outdoor recreational activity is strongly affected by accessibility to local facilities.